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    Check for signs of recognition in the

    Submission of information "Bavarian" beyond praise: colored signs are shown on a projection screen, along with the current speed. Information about the ban and permit overtaking pops up individual characters - impossible to miss or confuse.

    In the front view camera is enough work. Nevertheless, the list of objects that it captures, continues to grow. Images of cars and pedestrians, road markings, and now the signs. Of course, not all. That the system is not dissipated by trifles, developers have invested in electronic memory a minimum of characters: maximum speed limit, prohibition of overtaking and associated with signs of time and action zone, the signs of withdrawal. Them and recognize the system, transferring the image on the dashboard. Machines with this option until a bit of supplied to us even less. On the test were the BMW 3-series and the "Opel Insignia." And although the problem with these systems are identical, the differences in the typed enough.


    Typical situations to test the devices provide an abundance of public roads. Near Moscow highway speed limits are rich in different, more narrow highway - no-passing "candy" line and a high-speed ring in the city - non-standard characters, which should be considered videoglazok a fairly fast track. The route we went twice during daylight and in darkness. And the day the windshield periodically moistened rain, and heavy duty truck generously enveloped in mud. In general, the realities of the road did not retreat.

    Unlike most digital assistants, responsible for the character recognition is constructed relatively simply. The camera pulls out and verifies his card index plate, similar in shape, and location of a set of characters. Similar restrictions on the maximum weight or height of a car (also a major figure in the red edging) scanners do not respond. True, comes to oddities. When overtaking another truck "Opel" suddenly flashed on the screen "30." It turned out, the scanner saw miniature speed limit sign on the tank watering machine.
    Both scanners will recognize the signs painted on rectangles of temporary shields - in fact a form of drawing is important, but not the substrate. In addition, the system clearly draw their speed limits, burning in the light diode display (although the colors do not match those on the conventional road signs), and metal braces on the farms.

    BMWs are known signs prohibit overtaking and speed limits, as well as their cancellation. The instructions are mentioned additional information boards "Wet Road" and "Operating Range." Looking ahead, we say that our first time in the route did not fall, but on the other machine is simply not responded. "Opel", even though simpler brand, is a significant knowledge base. For example, learned the signs of "Highway", "Road Car", "pedestrian zone", and the signs that accompany the main signs of the camera "Opel ai» (Opel Eye) does not ignore.


    BMW's disappointing in the first minute: marks "80" on the right side of the broad highways of Moscow, he sees rarely. "Opel" a little more carefully. But it is felt that these conditions are nonstandard systems: in such a way to duplicate the general information on braces, top rail or barrier.

    Outside the city assistants earned confidence: less distracting information, and the signs are much closer. However, in this pot of honey has not been without tar. "Opel" is sensitive to the orientation of the sign. If he is deployed or tilted slightly, the camera misses it. BMW has its quirks. In the built-in navigation "Bavarian" protection the speed limit for all roads. If the scanner does not see roadside signs, the computer is based on data of road maps. But it would be better if he did not! Electronic Susanin not always clearly traces the boundaries of settlements, switching limits, "60" and "90". And sometimes displays a completely inexplicable limit of 50 or 70 km / h, and the change takes place in the woods or open field. The system "Opel ai" is devoid of binding to navigation only tracks the real roadside information, and therefore less likely to misinform the driver.

    Every time glancing at the monitor, "Opel" pretty distracted from the road. Peripheral vision warning also did not see: Monochrome hints do not shine-definition images.

    From the BMW system, which helps to navigation, we expected a more intelligent approach. That is - that it would be more accurately track the prohibitions of overtaking zones or speed limits. It is often these signs are to the nearest intersection, which recognizes just fine navigator. But for some reason in this case from his care refused. As a result, the sign is lit, until its abolition, the label in an e-card with a different speed limit or the end of the specified time interval. Last we just could not be determined: burn marks on the panel at different times, to identify any relationship, we could not. By the way, so does "Insignia". And here is a sign prohibiting overtaking, the car puts out clearly after 15 seconds. Why the rush? Bold minus for filing information.


    Short but heavy rain spoiled the "Opel" rating for its accuracy. The drops on the glass that do not have time to brush aside brush, reduce alertness assistant in half. Similarly affect the sharpness of his vision and is included in the night time headlight: Electronics steadily ignored the signs of falling in the headlights. BMW of moods does not allow it.

    But do not expect that the system will warn you about the sign in advance. Hundred-meter at the stated range, the camera and the "Opel", and send that information to the BMW display, not earlier than the sign came up with the front bumper. A "Bavarian" and does stand theatrical pauses and displays a message only when the column loomed in the rearview mirror. And it does not depend on the weather or time of day.

    The second generation of the camera "Opel ah" became more compact, but well fed, "carcass" salon mirror still does not hide. Because of this suffering is already not the best visibility.

    In addition, if the sign is covered at least a little standing on the side of the truck (the human eye catches it, and in this case), scanners, powerless. Even if the road "candy" is located a bit further, the system is guaranteed to notch his only at low speed. In general, the higher the speedometer needle climbs, the worse the reaction of assistants. For example, if allowed on the highway 110 km / h malfunctions have occurred even in ideal conditions.
    And if we evaluate the accuracy of response on the basis of the test, BMW managed approximately 90% of the characters encountered, "Opel" - with 75%.

    After some discussion, the general verdict is rendered. Harm does not bring the system tested, and in some cases, their tips are useful. Indeed, for all the care and experience we are all people who, as everybody knows, are fallible. What to look far - during the 600-kilometer test, we have a couple of times miss important information. This is where the extra electron does not interfere with your eyes. And that sometimes go astray - forgivable. After all, they - as novice drivers gain experience only. And, fortunately, those missteps, they admit - this is not serious errors, and typical novice blots.

    Cyril Mileshkin:

    "Appearing on the projection display color symbols overtaking ban and withdrawal is impossible to review, but the real signs on the roadside - easily. The darkness drops or dirt on the windscreen camera are not a hindrance. I have such sharp eyes! As a result, the BMW is superior "Opel" in two key parameters - the quality of scanning and filing information. As for the wrong clues navigation speed limit, it is never they are not overstated relative to the real limit. "

    Maxim Sachkov:


    "I would prefer to" Opel ah. "The electronic assistant "Bavarian" is too reminiscent of a caring grandmother, carefully protects it from all sorts of misfortunes of his favorite grandson, and his countryman from the Rüsselsheim - a young dad, who gives a child enough freedom and hedging only in dangerous situations. I prefer when people rely on themselves and not waiting for constant help from others. Although such people in difficult times useful piece of advice. "


    + The projection on the windshield. Almost does not respond to the deteriorating visibility. A high percentage of recognition, see the LED, the time and hanging over the road signs.

    - Poorly responsive to marks on the broad road. Tips on navigating the permitted speed is not always true, would have been useful to control the zone of the characters using the navigation system.

    The system requires a restart after each start the engine. It is not necessary for each trip, so it's forgivable. You can not say that, as the author of the menu is fluent in Russian.


    + Recognize signs and additional signs of "Highway". Gives information only about the actual road signs, do not confuse the driver. Sees the light-emitting diode, time, and hanging over the road signs.

    - Signs shall be canceled and allow overtaking, held on the display of all 15. The system must be activated after each engine start. The efficiency decreases at night and in rain. Standing crookedly does not recognize the signs.


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