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    Torpedo Attack: BMW Gran Coupe 640d


    The genetic code Concept CS, presented at the Shanghai Motor shou'2007 seemed overly original, to serve as a nucleus for stylistic lottery not the production model. However, the genes were transferred CS 6 Series Gran Coupe

    On the odometer - 153 km of the factory and the ferry running on the bumper - barely noticeable traces of the protective "shipping" mask blank license plate frames ... in our hands - for about two weeks before the official start of the global sales - the first in Russia, BMW Gran Coupe! Young, green? "Young" was adopted. But "green" right? Is that in a figurative sense. The 3.0-liter biturbo diesel-row "Six" version of the 640d is equipped with "circuit-breaker» Start Stop, and it just became part of the traditional "Bavarian" the latest generation of fuel-efficient package EfficientDynamics. If you remove the "green" environmental score, we find that the F06 is created on the waste (and therefore free from the children's illnesses) technology-based models of 5 and 7 Series, which also collected on the company's headquarters plant in Dingolfing.

    Not an ounce of chlorophyll and do not in the company for the Gran Coupe Matte Bronze body color. Here it is, the key word! Actually the whole concept of "four-door coupe" (let them hatch and attach themselves, pyatidverki) tied to the design with a greater degree of looseness than conventional business sedans. Of course, there are those who themselves hoarse, until you're blue ready to extol the delights of CLS II, A7, or Panamera. In its own way, they will certainly be right. Yet it is hard to escape the impression that BMW has struck a stylistic goal of more accurately. Easy, elegant contours of the body, emphasized "antisedanny" cut frameless doors - among fellow competitors F06, perhaps, has the greatest right to be called compartments. A five-meter length of the car makes absolutely justified refinement «Gran». The combination of longitudinal-dimensional scale and rapid "torpedo" the profile achieved seemingly obvious methods. BMW designers simply followed the "compartment" canons: long hood, short, almost horizontal "shelf" trunk and sloping roofline. There are no secrets? There! In the German quartet "four-door coupe» F06 - very stocky (1392 mm) model, but the ceiling is no pressure on the heads of even the rear passengers increased to 183 cm, and to leave, they do not have to push yourself out of chairs, as is the case, say in Ranamera. Conveniently, a thousand devils!

    If there is any, to which travelers complain to the second row, on the generosity with which meted out the range of the longitudinal adjustment of the front seats. Grand Coupe can turn into a double car! However, the arrangement of the front of the cabin will please not only the bruiser. To do this, BMW designers did not have (and who would let them!) Redraw the dash, with a unified soplatformennoy "five". Greater freedom in choosing a color scheme and materials - that's the problem. A variant with a combined, light brown, almost white leather trim, perhaps defiantly impractical in the Russian context. But as it looks! And as for the golden-bronze trimmed alcantara ceiling and "inside out" windshield pillars want to compose poems, odes. In a word, to sing praises. Although the voice acting is better to entrust the delight optional "live" audio system, Bang & Olufsen. Her ears and vocal cords are always in order. Aesthetes, Sybarites and joined them music fans can be happy.


    And if you look at a luxury car under the skeptical and practical point of view? F06 is not defenseless, and with such an approach, which is in relation to the definition of glamor coupe looks almost provocative. And the nominal, and maximum cargo volume exceeds the five-door BMW chetyrehdverka Panamera. However, with the capacity of the coffer Gran Coupe is paying the usual price for BMW: the reserve (including dokatka) is not even in the list of options. All hope for a runflat tire punctures neboyaschiesya with reinforced sidewalls.


    When a roller option supernizkoprofilnyh Michelin Primacy HP 19-inch bore diameter on a background of native aspen and birch is inevitable minute surprise. But the doubts and fears away! In the end, will not surf the 'direction' of somewhere between lost in the depths of Kostroma and Chukhloma Soligalich, and the "waters" the newly opened Center for driving skills BMW Driving Experience at Yakhroma. On this site there is no line markings, only cones, so check the controller for the inadvertent crossing of "horizontal road signs" reserve for later. In the same "box" postpone the test of "active" cruise control with automatic braking systems, tracking the noise in the "blind" areas, and night vision. Especially for a first acquaintance, and without enough. For example, F06 - chic, a big car with a nearly three-base. This must show a sample ride. Or is it not? After all, for the BMW coupe priority number one - control. In the absence of asphalt on the site of the Center potholes with hard-edged attitude to them Gran Coupe remains in question. On crack, patch coating F06 not to "stumble" but notices how meticulous inspector. Perhaps the fault-finding softened by installing the base, "the 17-inch" tire with a higher profile. But ahead of nodules of asphalt, a sort of civilized "speed bumps". The speed of 50 km / h "Shoes", I remind you, the most athletic, "the thin soles." Tough meeting with uneven inevitable? Perhaps, at this point, engineers responsible for configuring the chassis, significantly smile would have noticed the surprise on my face. Despite the transfer button on the floor console "active" shock absorbers in the preferred mode of «Sport», time to work out the suspension on the fact, and not choking, swallowing the asphalt hill.


    No, F06 is not straightforward simpleton! Alone, a combination of various options for setting the gas pedal, automatic transmission, chassis and DSC stabilization system so that the fit to stick on the dash cheat sheet. But scribbling it once, especially when there is a possibility, loosening the grip of DSC, «stitch» cones marked "snake." First, with a fairly wide step to the Gran Coupe emits a white flag. Expected. The second, "compressed" in the calculation, rather, to "treshki" and "unity" makes work actively with acute (low-speed two turns from lock to lock) steering wheel and ... well surrender. Not a hint of the seemingly inevitable drifts! «Torpedo» F06 is equipped with homing system? If you find a per se "active" integral power steering, then yes. When cornering at speeds mostly 60 km / h to improve the maneuverability of an electric motor with worm gear spins the rear wheels to small angles in opposite directions. This device and manifested itself in all its glory. In a word, and sitting in the Gran Coupe with a blindfold, you can accurately determine its belonging to the clan of BMW's light, waltzing 'gait. 


    It seems, F06 is quite satisfied with his - not in size - skill in a wide range of staff management. Otherwise, the maneuver "Crazy Ivan" or, more simply, the police would have been no reversal in the list of prohibited practices. No, by the action of the car handles effortlessly, but then freezes with the engine shut off, scaring appear on the screen labeled "Ignition! Refer to the repair shop. " This turn is not too discouraging instructors Center. The training in Germany, they heard that the controlling electronics can be regarded rapid rotation of the car as a sign of an emergency situation and to avoid possible fire, temporarily disconnect the fuel pump. There is another "working" hypothesis collision causes the program. AKP modern BMW is not connected mechanically to the "electronic" selector switch on it and "neutral" LED does not guarantee immediate transition into the box when the police requested a reversal mode. Anyway, the paralysis has lasted long enough to cause immediate technical assistance team from Moscow. 20 minutes later the car came to life as if nothing had happened.

    Yes, the heart of this handsome unusually healthy, that is certified by three consecutive victories from 2009, a 3.0-liter BMW biturbodizeley latest generation in its category in the competition "Engine of the Year." F06 was the latest, 313-strong version of this engine. The increase in power vs its predecessor (306 liters. With.) Is not great, but of principle. Until recently, all the "solyaroyadnye" inferior competitors in the hood of the cavalry forces of the BMW 6 Series with index «d», but the cards shuffled Audi, established on the top-end diesel A7 Sportback 313-horsepower biturbo-V6. In Munich, took the call and poshurovav in electronic brains of the engine control unit is easy to have a tie in the competition for maximum power. However, the motor is ringed high-torque (650 vs 630 Nm), and in the "passport" sprint 0-100 km / h advantage in 0.1 is a model of Audi, despite its greater weight due to the installation of the transmission of 4 × 4. But the two most powerful diesel Bavarian "four-door coupe" does not come together on the roads of Russia's full-time match: Audi does not offer us an A7. Others direct competitors in the dynamics of a BMW Gran Coupe 640d is not there. Other torpedoed or not to take the fight, as the party toured Russia with the CLS II motors on heavy fuel. Apparently, this is the most known and F06. Even when the sound of a diesel engine after 3000 rev. / Min. begins to penetrate into the cabin and up to the cutoff, it is not discover deliberate aggression. However, in this subdued baritone can be heard clearly: "Everything is under control." Indeed, even in standard mode setting accelerator "solyaroyadny" flexibly varying the degree of support for the two turbines of different diameters without losing the liveliness of response, instantly spins up to maximum speed, as the cool gasoline motor. However, in the y direction legkotoplivnom Gran Coupe, too, everything is under control. On June 4 and will start selling versions of 640i, and in the fall will be a top 650i (including all-wheel drive version of the xDrive) c uprated to 450 hp. a. The 4.4-liter biturbo-V8. This torpedoes even lettered Audi S7. A side effect with all versions of an F06: trying to get the best equipped car because fathomlessness list of options (it hit the ordinary parking sensors) faces a hole, even in tight wallets. That's what the torpedo attack ...

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